An Important Message From Accent Decor

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your continued patience as we make steady progress on resolving customer inquiries via email. Our newly expanded Customer Support Team, along with our Accounting / Accounts Receivable Team, have been hard at work. We’ve closed 75% of our customer inquiries and we anticipate continued, swift progress as all parties are trained and making efficient progress.

Last week, our goal was to close all open customer service cases by May 7th. With the significant volume of daily inquiries, we’ve not yet responded to everyone, but are quickly closing the gap.

• Our resources remain focused on email. If you are experiencing order challenges, or simply have a question, please reach us at Note that sending multiple emails will not expedite a response, rather, it will slow response time.

• Industry-wide, we’re all feeling the strains of the global supply chain disruption. These delays are separate from the issues encountered with AD’s website and system updates. From hard goods to fresh florals, the stress of delays is felt by all and we know you’re eager to receive your goods. Accent Decor products are being received but in limited supply. Upon receiving containers, we’re moving fast to get much-needed products in your hands

We thank you for your patience and support. Questions? Please email:


Our goal is to close all open customer service cases by May 7th.

Our customers deserve a best-in-class customer service experience. Nothing is more important than proactive communication, resolving your issue and regaining your trust and confidence.

We will provide additional updates to share our progress and continued measures.